About Avocado

Avocado was created to enable Americans and residents in the USA and Canada to obtain quality insurance for themselves and their vehicles in Mexico at the very best price in a fast and efficient process with outstanding service and support.

Why Avocado

At Avocado we make sure our clients get the best Mexican insurance on the market and we make that process as quick, easy and affordable as possible. Our policies have been designed for the needs of Americans in Mexico and provide the protection and peace of mind you need in Mexico. We only work with the most solid, global insurance companies so you can trust in the Mexican coverage that you are getting.

Because we provide superior coverage and protection, more people prefer Avocado than any other Mexican insurance company, large and small. Use us on your next trip to Mexico! Viaje Seguro!

Avocado Insurance

We understand that traditional Mexican auto insurance policies don’t always fit the needs of expats and visitors, so we specialize in providing policies that conform to American standards to make your stay as safe and secure as possible.

Getting the best Mexican insurance coverage at a low price is easy with Avocado! Our policies provide great additional benefits to make sure your stay in Mexico stress free. Get a quote in seconds and checkout all the great benefits we provide.

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