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Buying insurance, let alone Mexican Insurance, can be rife with unknowns. We strive to make that different by bringing clarity to frequent questions and concerns. Our goal is for you to get top quality coverage with the comfort of knowing you have someone on your side that understands your needs.
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  • This type of insurance covers any injuries or damage you cause to someone else or their property while you drive your automobile. It also covers legal costs if you’re taken to court over the incident.
  • In Mexico, this coverage is required and failure to prove that you can cover damage to third parties can create a significant legal issue that could land you in jail. Avocado policies all include legal defense to protect you from this risk.
  • This covers you and your passengers if you’re driving and are injured by another driver who doesn’t have insurance. You’re also covered if an uninsured driver damages your vehicle. Unfortunately there are some vehicles that don’t carry required liability insurance in Mexico, so this coverage makes sure you are always covered.
  • Despite being grouped together while discussing auto insurance, comprehensive and collision are two separate coverages. Comprehensive policies cover everything that is outside of the driver’s control – theft or vandalization of the vehicle, damage by fire or other natural acts or disasters, and, if applicable, glass damage caused by debris or other items included on this list. Collision covers damage to your vehicle if you get into an accident with either another automobile or an object.
  • Comprehensive and collision are the best possible protection you can get for your vehicle, and they are both highly recommended items when you’re purchasing Mexican auto insurance. Avocado policies provide the broadest comprehensive and collision coverage that is available in Mexico!
  • If you or your passengers are injured in a covered incident, Avocado policies provide coverage for medical expenses associated with the event. This coverage is provided on all Avocado auto policies (except for motorcycles and ATVs) and the limit can be increased by increasing your liability limit.
  • Unlike typical health insurance, there is no deductible you need to meet before financial assistance is provided.
  • Avocado Mexican auto insurance policies provide roadside assistance for anything from a highway breakdown to accidentally locking yourself out of your car to towing your vehicle to a nearby auto shop. If you have a covered claim for an accident or theft, you may be entitled to compensation for your lodging, rental car or even a one-way flight ticket home depending on your coverage.

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