Mexico Motorcycle Insurance

At Avocado, we make it easy to get the quality of Mexico motorcycle insurance that you’d expect from your American insurer. We understand that your appetite for adventure should be paired with your safety and peace of mind while traveling abroad.

You might be surprised to learn that your current insurance does not provide the coverage you need against bodily injury or property damage in Mexico, and that any coverage it may provide for your motorcycle will have significant limitations and restrictions. As a top Mexican insurance agency, we’ve designed our Mexico motorbike insurance policy with bold travelers like you in mind.

See how Avocado ensures you and your motorcycle’s safety while you’re in Mexico:

Mexico Motorbike Insurance Benefits

We’re excited to introduce our Tourist Mexico motorcycle insurance plan. Our policies offer the same U.S. standards of coverage as your current motorcycle insurance. You never have to lower your expectations simply because you are traveling to Mexico.

We offer short and long-term options for our Mexico motorbike insurance policies. We can cover you for a day, a week or as long as you need. If you travel between Mexico and the U.S. frequently, take a look at our discounted annual policies!

All of our Mexico motorcycles insurance policies are proudly backed by CHUBB Seguros Mexico – one of the largest international insurers in the world.

What You Get When You Ride With Avocado

Enjoy your adventure free from worry. Our Mexico motorcycle insurance policy covers you against:

  • Broad Liability – Legal Defense and Bail Bonds included

  • Physical Damage – Comprehensive and Collision coverage, which always includes total theft, partial theft, vandalism and gap coverage

  • Towing and Labor

Get Your Quote for Mexico Motorcycle Insurance Online

At Avocado, we go to great lengths to ensure our products are easy to use and understand.

That’s why our Mexican motorcycle insurance product features simplified online rating without the need to list drivers in the policy application – making it quick and easy to quote. Plus, you can quote in seconds and instantly bind policies online.

Policies are written in both English and Spanish and feature U.S. claims adjusters with the option to repair damaged vehicles in the U.S.

Our motorcycle policies do not cover uninsured motorists or medical payments, but if you are also taking an auto you can get a policy that includes these coverages and more!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes. Most street legal motorbikes are eligible for full coverage as long as you’re driving on conventional roads. In other words, your Mexico motorbike insurance will cover you against injury and property damage to you or the other driver. We highly recommend buying Mexico motorbike insurance online before you leave. This will spare you from the inconvenience of having to purchase it at the border.

In order to ride into Mexico, you’ll need your passport, your driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement, your registration, and a copy of your Mexico motorcycle insurance paperwork.

No. U.S. driver’s licenses are recognized in Mexico as long as you have a motorcycle endorsement on your license. However, you do need to have Mexico motorbike insurance as your U.S. insurance won’t give you the coverage you need in Mexico.

Our policies provide limited coverage when you are riding your motorcycle off-road in Mexico. We still cover liability for damage you cause to third parties, but any damage to your motorcycle while off-road would not be covered.


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