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Heading for a romantic weekend in Baja or finding a new place to live, you decide when you choose Avocado Insurance. Our vehicle policies will cover you with the same coverage you would expect in the USA. Our vehicle insurance will ease your mind and give you coverage for your cars, motorcycles, SUVs, ATVs, and RVs regardless if you live or visit Mexico.

With Avocado vehicle insurance, you can get a quote in seconds and buy your policy in a few minutes from your computer or smartphone. We want to make purchasing a vehicle insurance as quick, easy and affordable as possible so you can be on your way to Mexico.

Avocado's insurance plans cover you in more situations than any other Mexican Insurance provider.

Many Americans and Canadians are surprised to learn that their auto insurance doesn’t cover their vehicle while traveling abroad. In order to avoid the high cost of an accident or a visit to a Mexico jail, you need to purchase Mexico car insurance.

At Avocado, we make it easy to get the quality of Mexico motorcycle insurance that you’d expect from your American insurer. We understand that your appetite for adventure should be paired with your safety and peace of mind while traveling abroad.

Don’t spend your trip worrying about an accident or theft. Our number one goal is to ensure your safety while you explore all that Mexico has to offer in your SUV or truck.

Your motorhome is an asset that needs coverage. Protect yourself and your camper with our easy to read and understand Mexico campers insurance. Explore the amazing mountains and beaches of Mexico free from unnecessary hassle or worry.

We know that you want outstanding protection from your Mexico ATVs insurance. That’s why we’re excited to offer ATVs insurance for Mexico exploration at the same standards you’d expect from your U.S. insurance provider.

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