Personal Safety While Visiting Mexico

Most people have an incredible time while visiting Mexico, but traveling is never without its risks. After all, you’re traveling to a foreign land where you may not be accustomed to the language, etiquette, and laws. You may also stand out as a tourist. Brush up on common sense personal safety, as well as safety while traveling, with this article.

Safety Tips Before You Go

There’s a lot you can do in advance to promote your safety while traveling in Mexico. Take an hour to prepare by following these tips before you head out on your Mexico adventure.

Research Your Destination

You can go to the USA State Department’s website to obtain information about the current climate of the part of Mexico you’re about to visit. The State Department updates current public announcements and warnings to keep USA travelers aware and safe.

Double Down on Documentation

Make electronic copies or take photos of your passport, permits, FMM tourist card, immigration slip, and any other documents pertinent to your stay in Mexico. In case your luggage is lost or stolen, you’ll have backups on your phone. Many of these permits are required when you’re leaving Mexico.

Copy Your Bank’s Phone Number

Email yourself your bank’s international telephone number (not the 1-800 number, as that may not work in Mexico). In the event your credit or debit card is lost or stolen abroad, you’ll be able to call your bank collect with the international number.

Leave Luxury Items Behind

Avoid bringing unnecessary valuables. While it may be nice to travel with sentimental items, it will be twice as hard losing them in a foreign land. Furthermore, luxury watches and jewelry will make you seem more appealing to thieves. Leave expensive non-essentials at home.

Let Your Family Know Where You’re Going

Give a loved one your itinerary. You’ll want someone at home to be able to know your whereabouts as you travel. However, don’t share details of your trip with strangers abroad.

Get Mexican Vehicle Insurance

Get Mexican vehicle insurance if you’re driving into Mexico. It is required for tourists to have Mexican car insurance. If you don’t and you’re at fault in an accident, Mexican police will detain you until they can figure out how you will pay the other party. Avoid being put in a Mexican jail. Get Mexican car insurance online now.

How to Travel Safely in Mexico

Once you’re in Mexico, you’re likely to be caught up in the adventure. Don’t lose sight of your personal safety. Keep these tips in mind so you can enjoy your trip safely.

Travel in Groups

As is the case anywhere in the world, you’re safer when surrounded by people you know and trust. Thieves are less likely to target a group than they are to target a single individual.

Avoid Looking Like a Tourist

Study guidebooks and maps in the privacy of your hotel. Don’t cart your luggage around unless it’s absolutely necessary. Try to be as incognito as you can.

Use Caution Getting Cash

Get cash from ATMs in public places during the day. In other words, don’t visit alley-way ATMs, or any ATMs at night.

If possible, only carry the amount of cash you need for the day – and keep it close to your body. Don’t take out large sums of money in public. Instead, leave them in your hotel safe.

Ask For Help

Ask your hotel manager to call a cab for you instead of hailing a cab in the street.

Use Common Sense

Your best protection against crime in Mexico is using your common sense. Trust your gut. This means you should avoid drinking too much or using drugs, too. You’ll want to have your wits about you to avoid being taken advantage of. Try to stay in well-lit, established locations that are recommended by the hotel manager. As long as you use common sense, you should have a fantastic vacation in Mexico.


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