How to Prepare Before Going to Mexico

A trip to Mexico can have you bubbling with emotions. You’re excited to ride your ATV up and down the countryside, get a healthy glow in the beach sun and relax at the local taqueria.

Maximize your trip to Mexico by taking care of these essential tasks before you go. Getting an FMM tourist card, vehicle permits, and Mexican vehicle insurance are all necessary tasks you need to complete in order to safely and legally travel through Mexico. Take the stress out of traveling by taking care of them online today.

Get an FMM Tourist Card Online

While USA and Canadian tourists can skip the visa when crossing into Mexico, you’ll still need an FMM Tourist Card.

FMM stands for Forma Migratoria Multiple. In essence, it’s a fee that tourists must pay when traveling more than 16 miles from the border (which you’ll probably want to do).

Fortunately, the Mexican government makes it easy to obtain. Simply go to the INM website to fill it out and pay. It’s only about $24 USD per person, unless you’ll only be visiting for a week or less. In that case, it’s free, but still required.

Keep these facts in mind as you obtain your FMM:

Be Sure You Have Your Vehicle Permits

You’ll need to have permits for your vehicle, RV motorhome, truck, and anything you might be towing (including ATVs, off-roading vehicles, motorcycles, and jet skis). You can tow up to 3 vehicles.

How to Get a Vehicle Permit

You can get a vehicle permit three ways:

  1. Online via Banjercito’s application

  2. At a Banjercito Module at the border

  3. At a Mexican Consulate

We recommend getting your vehicle permit online before you go, just like your Mexican vehicle insurance. This saves you the hassle of filling out extra documentation at the border or searching for a Mexican Consulate that can help.

Buy Mexico Vehicle Insurance Before You Go

There’s no question about it: You will need Mexican vehicle insurance if you plan on driving in Mexico. And you should drive, because there are innumerable scenic drives from the sea to the mountains and back again. You don’t want to miss out, or worse, risk landing in a Mexican jail because you didn’t get Mexico vehicle insurance.

Fortunately, Avocado Insurance makes buying Mexican vehicle insurance totally painless. We provide you with the same standard of insurance that you’d expect from a USA insurance provider, which is much better coverage than what most Mexican insurance providers offer.

Applying for coverage online is fast and simple. Otherwise, you can buy Mexican vehicle insurance at the border, but we can’t guarantee another provider’s quality. Skip the hassle. Get coverage before you go.

Hang Onto Your Immigration Slip

At the border, you’ll hand the immigration officer your passport. When he hands it back, the bottom portion of your immigration form will be inside.

Keep an eye out for this slip! If you lose it or toss it before the end of your trip, you’ll have to pay a fine.


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