Why You Need Mexican Vehicle Insurance

Many Americans are surprised to learn that their USA vehicle insurance is not valid in Mexico. If you’re planning on driving your car or a rental car in Mexico, you need Mexican vehicle insurance.

Mexican vehicle insurance in required if you plan on driving:

Why Do I Need Mexican Vehicle Insurance?

In Mexico, liability insurance is required for all drivers. However, Mexico does not recognize USA or Canadian insurance policies (just like Mexican insurance policies aren’t recognized in the USA or Canada).

The most important reason you need Mexican vehicle insurance is that it is legally required by Mexico for all drivers.

The second most important reason is that if you don’t have it and you’re at fault in an accident, you will be detained in a Mexican jail until the government determines how you’ll be able to pay the other party for damages.

That’s right. If you do not have Mexican vehicle insurance, you may be arrested and your car will be impounded. What a way to spend a vacation or business trip! Furthermore, you may have to figure out how to pay for damages while communicating in Spanish. This process may take a while.

The other reason you want Mexican insurance is to protect yourself, your passengers and your vehicle. Just like in the USA or Canada, your insurance policy protects you and your property in the unfortunate even of an accident, injury or theft.

The risk is too high to forgo Mexican vehicle insurance.

Check Mexican Vehicle Insurance Requirements Where You Travel

Yes, Mexican vehicle insurance is required throughout Mexico. However, the laws of each Mexican state may vary. The maximum amount you have to pay if another party is injured or killed in an accident may be different depending on the local laws.

Luckily, Avocado Insurance doesn’t offer low limits that will put you at risk. We offer liability limits from USD 300,000 up to USD 1 million, which are limits that have you covered anywhere in Mexico.

Our Recommendation for Mexican Vehicle Insurance

At Avocado Insurance, we’re the experts in Mexican vehicle insurance. We offer the same standard of insurance you’d expect from your USA insurance provider.

We recommend that drivers buy a minimum of $300,000 worth of Mexican vehicle insurance coverage, which you’ll be guaranteed to have even with our most affordable policies. We base this estimate on Mexican laws for possible payouts for injury or fatality due to an accident.

If you’re renting a car in Mexico, we advise that you purchase collision coverage, as well. If your rental is stolen or damaged in Mexico, that cost will become your responsibility. Again, if you cannot pay to repair or replace the rented vehicle, you can be detained in a Mexican jail. We can provide coverage for vehicles rented in the USA or Canada that are driven across the border into Mexico, but we do not offer coverage for vehicles that you rent in Mexico. If you are renting a vehicle in Mexico, you should purchase liability insurance from the rental agency and see if your credit card will cover damage to the rental vehicle.

It is better to be well covered while traveling in Mexico, as the consequences are higher if you cannot pay.

Filing Insurance Claims

Lastly, you’ll want Mexican vehicle insurance as we offer an extensive network of resources in case of an accident. If you’re stranded on the road or involved in an accident or theft, call our bilingual assistants for help. We’re available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Be sure to file vehicle insurance claims while you’re still in Mexico.

Get Mexican Vehicle Insurance Online Today

Don’t let your trip be upended by a visit to a Mexican jail or put yourself and vehicle at risk. Contact us today for a quote on Mexican vehicle insurance. Whether you plan to rent or drive your own car over the border, you can rest assured that Avocado Insurance has your back.


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